Hello, I am Donna... a 20-year-old girl who strives to be better everyday.
I like food, trinkets, and quotes(!!!)

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Interning for Nuffnang this summer! Here’s a photo during my first event with them at Marmalade Kitchen last Friday.

First food review stint with 3/5 of CC!

Spontaneous Friday, c/o my high school busmates. Was only supposed to catch-up with Hazel but the force of bestfriendship’s too strong, lol.

Quick afternoon de-stress session with my friend Pia!

Carrot cupcake from my amazing AD, Jess!

Wednesdate at Stacy’s Capitol Greenstreet!
Quick getaway from the stressful and messy hell week. Wish we could’ve stayed longer though :(

A token from one of my co-interns at Del Monte :)

Hanged out with my two best college buds!!

Lunch date at Xocolat with Kim and Pia! :)

After my Brand Comm meeting, I met up with Andi (my favorite person) and hanged-out for a bit at CBTL.

…I continued to crave for chocolate so I decided to order their Pure Chocolate Ice Blended Drink :)

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